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Here at, we believe no one is alone and should be alone when it comes to any care – whether it be yourself, parents, kids, pets, or other care need. We built this community to grow with you as life brings changes. So share with us your needs and suggestions. This network and community is here for U.

Our story has to deal with an event that happened on February 16th, 2012. Our father, brother, uncle, son, cousin, Frank, had a routine medical procedure. Upon completion of that procedure, the staff immediately noticed that the 62 year old, active and relatively athletic guy had stroked out on the table. Because of the nature of his procedure and severity of his stroke, he ended up being med-evac to one of the largest neurological trauma centers in Philadelphia. The neuro team discovered how severe the stroke was – he had 2 at the same time – an ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. He had a clot and a bleed on the brain. As a family we had to make those decisions you never want to make but our Frank showed us what it meant to fight and that he was still with us. His long term prognosis was undetermined, but now after 5 years, it’s been evident that he needs around the clock care. His wife and children have dedicated their lives to him and even as a family, the amount of stress, financial strain, and health of everyone in the family took its toll.

We researched and called. We hired and fired (a lot). We leaned on friends and extend family. We fought and cried. We had doctor appointments and ER visits. We learned to adapt with caring for Frank.

We were frustrated at the lack of answers and resources in one place -receiving unbiased, non-solicited suggestions for care, affordable care too. And more about insurance tricks and tips to get reimbursed, or what is reimbursable. We had to modify our entire home. We had to find durable medical equipment and as inexpensive as possible. Where is there a trustworthy and reputable location to find everything you need? No where that we have found yet. And with ever changing laws and regulations state by state, I’m sure you are struggling too. Learning how to take care of him without hurting each other was an eye-opening and painful experience. And lastly, who else could you talk to when you are at your wits end, getting tired and burned out? You can’t get out at the drop of a hat and you need someone who understands exactly what you are going through. This is why we created

We offer a growing community of care where everyone gets help. Caregivers can be the best they can be. Those needing care can find everything they need at their fingertips. Families can come together and be on the same page. The vast world of health care is made manageable. Asking for help is made easier. Finding the right help the first time around is perfected. We will offer what you need. Just tell us by clicking on the Talk to Us (Contact Us) page.

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To see a little bit about Frank and his youngest caregiver and daughter, Stephanie, check out their appearance on Dr. Phil (aired in Summer of 2015).