Waking Up Everyday


As a patient myself and a caregiver for an ailing geriatric dog, there are someday you wish you could sleep forever. There is depression and anxiety waking up wondering how your day will be a struggle. Or a quick mini prayer to make the day a better one than yesterday.

Living with pain and mental fatigue corrupts your ability to think positive. Happiness is replaced by strife. The mole hill has errupted into a mountain.

Sleep, my favorite past time, performs many good things for you. Your body can relax and heal, but when sleeps becomes interrupted the effects over time can destroy your health.

So what can you do holistically to improve sleep? There are lots of suggestions and here are a few that I’ve received positive feedback from.

  • Use of melatonin lotions
  • Removing televisions from the bedroom
  • Using blackout blinds
  • Elimination of coffee
  • Reduce naps or perform cat naps
  • Lavendar essential oils on certain points
  • Meditation to wind down the mind
  • Preparing for your day the night before
  • Pillow support

A suggestion list from Web MD.

Now, the goal is to have uninterrupted sleep. If you cannot avoid it, then talk to a sleep specialist to discover tricks and tips. You might even have a medical condition and need medical intervention. For those who care for someone that interrupts your slumber, sleep when they sleep, or bring in help so you can take an appropriate nap to recover. There is no shame to ask for a time out.

Many hospitals now offer sleep studies and a patient can be referred for a sleep observation. The observation will track your breathing patterns, brain wave frequency and visual observance of your body position.

There is the resource from Sleep Foundation that can offer insights to common and uncommon sleep disorders.

Love and compassion… and blissful rest,




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