Adapting to Change in the Home


One of the biggest things I remember after my father’s stroke was how the house that I grew up in started to change. Inside and outside changed a lot.

We added a stair lift, widened all doorways on the 1st floor to 36″ wide, poured a new walkway ramp to the front door, installed a wider front door, remodeled an entire bathroom for roll-in capabilities, and installed hand bars in most bathrooms and his bedroom. We considered even building an addition that would be a first floor master bedroom.

The tens of thousands of dollars my parents spent to modify their home is not uncommon. I found an interesting blog from talking about home remodeling for disability and aging. The said that there are grants and federal programs, non-profits etc. that do offer assistance. The VA and Labor Department offer such options.

I found another help blog on that discusses the various programs, average costs, and tips on how to do a proper home remodel for a disabled person. The great thing about this page, it discusses room by room what you need to consider and options for an effective remodel.

I hope these tips help you and please feel free to share your tips too!

Love and Compassion,




2 thoughts on “Adapting to Change in the Home

  1. Rebecca, I ran across your blog and was wonderfully enlightened by your compassion. I was also enjoyed by your entertaining and positive prose. I hope many people read and add to this blog. Many blessings to you.


    1. Thank you so much Tom. Anything I can do to help families like mine is what I want to do. I’m grateful for your kind words.


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