Taking a step back

Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend about the needs of the caregiving community and my new business venture to assist this community, UHelpCare.com. Little did I realize as I spoke to her, I became utterly enthralled and infuriated at the endless list of needs that families have with care.

Living in the United States, our medicaid and medicare system is at the core of most debates every election cycle. The cost of medical care in general is a growing problem. I benefited from the “Obamacare” system with obtaining affordable health insurance and ability to afford a much needed surgery after being uninsured for over 6 years. After that surgery, I had one person in my life that could take care of me the 2-3 weeks in recovery. I am forever indebted to him. He was my ex-husband. The surgery occurred only a few weeks after our divorce was finalized. What an awkward and emotional situation! If I didn’t have him, who could have taken care of me? Who would have gotten groceries, walked my dogs, helped me shower, changed my bandages or other nurse-like duties? To be honest, no one. The option of in-home nursing care wasn’t offered to me. And I couldn’t afford to hire one even if it was. I don’t even know if it was covered by my insurance because I never thought to ask.

I had a tender-hearted man do everything he could for me, even though I had ripped apart his entire life just a few months prior. And not everyone has someone in their life like him. It costs money. And if you are in a persistent care state, it costs a lot of money. When speaking to my friend, I mentioned to her the cost of buying a used wheelchair accessible van. It was the cost of a Mercedes. Why was it the cost of a luxury car when there was nothing luxurious about it. Then I remembered talking to someone about the cost of private wheelchair accessible transportation. Just for this person to go to the grocery store, they said they usually had to book the van weeks in advance and it’s cost is dramatically more than a taxi.

I pulled up the site of one of my local wheelchair accessible transport providers and did some light research. They state that they do not accept medicare and it’s not reimbursable. But they have resources to help off set costs. There is also a private pay option which is based on mileage. And they are linked with public transit authorities. Most transit authorities I’ve experienced do offer assistance for those who cannot access their traditional transit options. There are still many restrictions including time, service, and require those who cannot do basic self care bring with them a Personal Care Assistant. The fare seems reasonable but there is a service limit area.

Many things like these keep me thinking of what can I do, what services are being under-utilitized and who is being under-served? These are the building blocks that my entrepreneurial mind feeds upon.  I want to find a way where no one has to feel a financial burden because they are “different.”


Love and Compassion,




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