First blog post


My name is Rebecca. I’m the founder of I want to thank you, first off, for coming to the site and reading my blog. Today is the 5 year anniversary of my father’s stroke. If you read the “Get to Know Us” section on the site, Frank is my father. I’m the eldest of 3 children. I currently reside in Clearwater, FL and have been in the Tampa Bay area since 2005 upon graduating from the University of Tampa. My mother, brother and sister live in the same area or thereabouts where I was raised in West Chester, PA.

I truly hope that this blog and community can help people. Everyday in my current job (healthcare marketing), I talk to people who care for someone or something (usually pets) and it’s a never ending and selfless thing. I hear about parenting issues – babysitters, before/after school care, special needs. I hear about aging parents and grandparents. I hear about spouses and friends. And many of those caregivers do it over and over again.

My family has handled caregiving several times before. Everyone does what they can but the bulk usually lands on one person. In my family, that is my mom. My mom is a nurse and has been for 35 years. She takes care of everyone every day.

Watching these past 5 years from near and afar, I’m amazed of what my mother has done. She had to take care of her cancer-stricken mother all of 2012 until she passed in September of that year, only to start caring for Frank in November after an emergency hospitalization that was the start of my father’s stroke story. I’ve watched my mother go through a never ending war with caregiving. And as we all know, war is not pretty. She and my younger sister, Stephanie, have been my father’s full time caregivers around the clock. And when you have no break, caregiving breaks you. It takes a toll physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And asking for help is almost impossible. And if you do, it is hard to describe what you need and have others understand.

This website is dedicated to my family who have done so much and continue to do on a daily basis. May this site be a blessing to everyone and grow to a global community.

Love and Compassion,




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